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Game Designer and Creative Writer
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I am an independent game designer, graphic designer, and creative writer. I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree from Southern New Hampshire University in Graphic Design and Digital Media. I am actively writing creative material for other personal projects, imagining characters, world building, and creating interesting plot. My largest project so far is Fantasy Face-off which you can learn more about below.

I have a passion for storytelling and blending my ideas with games, animation, graphics, and comics. The skills I have acquired over the years are broad and all help me bring to life the ideas I have. I want to bridge the gap between compelling narrative and immersive experiences of all mediums.

I am currently seeking work as a creative or narrative designer within the video game industry as well as a position as a game designer for tabletop and card games.


What I Am Known For

Game Design

Accumulated over 5 years of personal experience within the game design space, creating card games and a mobile game app. I have an understanding of the current market trends and what makes a great game today.

Creative Writing

Been involved with creative writer for 5 years, creating custom material for my homebrew Fantasy setting, designed dozens of fictional characters, and fleshed out impressive stories for various genres and mediums.

Graphic Design

Used my experience with Photoshop and Illustrator to create many assets including: YouTube thumbnails, banners, and profile pictures, Twitch overlays, emotes and sub badges, as well as brand logos and digital art projects.


View Some Of My Recent Work
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Game Design

Fantasy Faceoff

A fun and strategic card game for 2-4 players where creatures, monsters, beasts, and beings battle it out in the ultimate fantasy war. Use your unique Arsenal cards to buff your own creatures, downgrade others, or just cause chaos on the battlefield to take down your opponenets!

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Creative Writing

Fictional World Building

Here is a collection of my creative work ranging from fictional world building, short stories, and character design.

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Graphic Design

Logos and Branding

Some samples of the design work I have done for clients as well as my own personal projects.

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Work Experience

Past and Current Projects
  • Fantasy Faceoff

    Started working in 2019 with the idea of taking a simple card game and expanding it. Currently on version 5.0 and have 64 of the 128 cards completed with full artwork.

  • Graphic Design

    Created professional and clean logos for individuals and companies. Used market research and current trends to craft modern brands with cohesive designs and typography. Work includes professional logos for companies, page layouts for magazines, and artistic posters.

  • Tryne Creative Writing

    Began working on my homebrew fantasy setting of Tryne back in 2016. I now have over 60 finished pages of world building, races, locations, maps, and short stories to bring the world to life.


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